Molina surname is strongly related to winery activities on American soil. Its origin comes from 12th century when Kings of Castilla and Aragon allowed Martin Perez de Lara to be Lord of Molina.
The first Molina in America was Jeronimo Molina y Herrera who arrived in Peru in 1553 and went to Chile afterwards. Later on, in 1650, General Luis de Molina y Vasconcelos established in Mendoza where he and his heirs developed the vineyard and winery activities.
Molina House Molina Pico House Museum was originally built in 1761. It was first designed as rural house, now it is located in the urban area of Guaymallen, Mendoza.
Although it first belonged to Sotomayor family, it was historically related to Pedro Molina, well-known figure of Mendoza history. Close friend of General Don Jose de San Martin, tradition says that General San Martin rested in Molina House before leading the Crossing of the Andes.
Molina House continued with winegrowing activity through "La Resurrección" winery, producing wines of recognized quality. Some years later, we, the descendants, dedided to take up the legacy and return to the family business, keeping the main premise of producing wines of quality as tradition says.